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Hemp is a big thing.

But let me explain me what Hemp is.

Hemp is a flower. You get the Seeds from distroying.

Tall Grass. It is the Same chance as basic Seeds.

When you collected some you make a basic CropField and

plant them Normally.

You really Compare it with Seeds.

The only Change is that you get more seeds and more Hemp Seeds and more Hemp out of it.

So what do i do with this Hemp?

Hemp is a multi use Item.
You can make Paper out of it.

Convert it to String if you need it or use it to make create Plates/Blocks out of it.

So no single use there is also some other uses but you will find them out easily.


The only Armor that exsist at the Moment is Hemp armor.

Yeah Hemp armor. Sounds really weak and no really use of it.

Well if you have played 50 hours before you start with this mod you are properly right....

But as beginning armor it is perfect. Why?

It is really Cheap. It does not protect you and you gain it really easily.

Wait? It does not protect me? WHY is it then Even armor?

Well it does not protect you because its hemp it is even less stable then Leather.

So what are the Good things of it give you some effects.

Speed/Jump/Health/Resistance boosts. How big they are depends on the amount of armor you wear.

Sounds good right?

Yeah but there is a couple downside effects.

The most important one is. Your armor rottes.

It goes away over time!

In water it is also happening! Even faster. and it makes you slower when you are in water (at least when you wear the boots).

But the Worst thing is when you get on fire. It will protect you from fire but it automaticly applies potioneffects on you which are not cool at all.

But that covers Hemp armor!


There are a lot of Crafting Item.

Gears, Chipsets, Cables, Bones and some other things.

So but there are some other Items in it that have a multi use.

Like the Bones. Why have bones another use then Crafting them into bonemeal?

Yeah these bones can be crafted into something else but those give differend amount of bonemeal.

Also you can eat them. They do not give you much food. Also they give you a little bit of damage.

But it has a really big saturation. I mean more than twice as much as a steak! So if you have little hunger and want not to eat much that is a solution!

Another Item that has a multiuse is the Color Card.

It simply is a dye. You craft it out of 4 dyes and then you can use it.

After Crafting it has no color defined so it does nothing. Craft it with any Dye together (you do not lose the dye at this progress) to define it.

then you can use it as any dye (but not to craft itself) to craft other items. so you do not need to collect so much dyes. Another way to define it is to click on wool. It copies the color.

If you rightclick on wool again if it has not the same color then it dyes it to so do not forget that!


There are only a couple items that uses exp.

At the moment are there only Exp Bottles. They can store and give Exp. Depends how much are in there.

Thats it.

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