As you readed SpmodAPI is a gag mod.

I seperate it into these things.

The Blocks:

Dekoration Blocks: Everything where you want to create things that look nice there you have it

Gas&Animals: Simply Entities come into place and you produce gas and stuff with it.

Hemp: Everything that has todo with Hemp. Decoration, Feeding of Animals, Plants and other Stuff.

Utilities: Utilitie blocks like a Cobble Bench, MobMachine, Exp Storage and other Stuff.

The Items:

Armor: Everything that helps/protect you.

Crafting: Mostly Crafting Items so no really Extra use.

Exp Items: Store&Use your exp in any Way.

Gas: Everything what has todo with gas as items.

Hemp: Food, Utiliti Items which made/uses Hemp.

Trades: Something that has todo with Villagers.

So that covers most things. There will be more Categories. But that comes later

So much People visite my Wiki