So what is TinyModularThings?

TinyModularThings is a remake of TinyChest.

You do not know what TinyChest is?

TinyChest is my first mod that is base Technical and tried to help automation. It added things that seemed to the beginning very useless. But it turns out that they really help. At the beginning it was only these TinyChests. Thats why TinyChest but now this mod became much bigger and complex.

At that point we were at 1.4.7 and i updated it to 1.6.4.

There it became very unstable.

Note here that i learned programming with that mod.

After trying to fix it but making it more horrible i decided to remove everything and start from beginning.

That is TinyModularThings.

To the next Mod.


SpmodAPI is a base Mod for TinyModularThings. As i did not want to create only  technical stuff into my mod

i ran into problem. I can not combine technic with gags and trolls and stuff that does not fit there.

There SpmodAPI came to life. It is gag mod that adds only utilities that allows you to have fun. Yeah allow is a stupid word.

Lets say give you fun if you enjoy that mod.

After TinyChest and the Old SpmodAPI got simply corrupted (my fault) i also rewrited it.

Until the Old SpmodAPI was a basement for TinyChest the current SpmodAPI is a mod and a Basement for every of my mods.

What does this mean?

It is mod where you can dissable almost everything to his basemod state so no items will be added also no blocks but you still can use the addon Mods with it. That is the whole point.

Another mod i made. Nope not made it took it over. I had to do it and i have the permission.

Compact Windmills.

It is aromas1997s mod but it had some weird bugs which bothered me more then enough so i decided to say ok i want to fix it or ask him to fix it. He gave me the permission to fix it. After failing to install his core mod into my base (crashes) and i tried every version. I decided to take it over. Rewrite it and add small things.

The Mod is simply a IC2 Addon. Produce more energy.

The Lates mod i finished is a really old DEAD mod. Oh wait it is no longer Dead!

I downloaded the outdated version and rebuilded it.

It is Advanced Generators.

I really love this mod and it took me only 3 months to make it.... Yeah very long. But its out and yeah. No big story about that.

Now that are my Mods.

So much People visite my Wiki